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ShipAid Package Protection

ShipAid Package Protection

What is ShipAid Package Protection?

We currently offer optional shipping protection Insurance for a minimal fee on your package.  We highly recommend all of our customers purchase this protection.

ShipAid Protect

ShipAid Protect is premium package protection for your online orders. After you purchase at checkout, you can easily file issues for lost or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that they arise.

Purchased ShipAid Protect and need to file a shipping issue? File here

ShipAid Refunds vs Reorders

Refunds: Refunds are issued in the form of Store Credit. When refunding an item, ShipAid covers the cost of the product total. Shipping costs, taxes, and the ShipAid premium are not included.

Reorders: ShipAid will reorder the items, but please note that items can only be replaced depending on in-stock availability. All reorders have ShipAid Package Protection added, for free! 

What are ShipAid’s Policies?

    Stuck In Transit (Lost)

    • Issues can be approved no earlier than 7 days and no later than 30 days from the last update (US), 60 days from order date.


    • File issues for damaged items with photos of the package and item (required) and no later than 15 days from when it was marked delivered.

     Insurance expires once we receive proof of delivery from the shipping carrier

    Please contact our office for any further questions: